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V: Vegetarian Option | HS: House Specialty | GF: Gluten Free Option


Legendary Fried Pickle Spears

Kosher dill pickle spears dipped in beer batter, rolled in panko and fried to perfection

Loaded Ranch Fries

Skin-on fries topped with shredded cheese, applewood bacon, homemade ranch dressing and scallions

Chicken Wings

Jumbo bone-in wings served plain or dipped in our signature Jack Daniels Barbeque sauce

Chili Cheese Fries

Skin-on fries topped with homemade black bean chili, shredded cheese and scallions

Spinach & Artichoke Dip

A mixture of cheeses and herbs with fresh baby spinach and artichoke hearts. Served with homemade Parmesan chips


All soups are made from scratch in our kitchen. If you would like to try a selection, please feel free to ask your server for a sample.

Five Onion Au Gratin

Cup $4.50
  • Bowl $5.50
Caramelized onion in a hearty broth. Topped with croutons and Provolone cheese

Soup & Half Sandwich

Half turkey sandwich or half of our specialty sandwich of the day served with a cup of Campfire Black Bean Chili or Soup of the Day

Black Bean Chili

Cup $5
  • Bowl $6
Ground beef, vegetables, black beans, herbs and spices in a tomato broth. Topped with Cheddar cheese and diced onions

Soup of the Day

Cup $4
  • Bowl $5
Homemade creation made from seasonal ingredients.


The Cobb

Full - $14
  • Half - $10
Fresh garden greens topped with tomatoes, turkey, bacon, cucumbers, Bleu cheese crumbles, red onions, hardboiled egg and homemade croutons

The Honey Crisp Salad

Full - $14
  • Half - $10
Fresh garden greens topped with tomatoes, apple slices, dried cranberries, Bleu cheese crumbles, cucumbers, red onions, and homemade croutons

The Chef Salad

Full - $14
  • Half - $10
Fresh garden greens topped with tomatoes, ham, turkey, cucumbers, shredded Cheddar cheese, red onions, hardboiled egg and homemade croutons


All burgers come with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and onion.

Served with seasoned kettle chips. Upgrade to skin on fries for $3

Big Axe Burger

Three slabs of grilled bakery fresh bread layered with Swiss, American, and Provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, sautéed onions and mushrooms, barbeque sauce, slow-roasted pot roast, bacon and two beef patties

Bacon Cheeseburger

Fresh ground beef cooked to order with smoked bacon and American cheese

Black Bean Burger (V)

A blend of roasted corn, Michigan black beans, bell peppers, sautéed onions and cilantro topped with Cajun aioli

Swiss Mushroom Burger

Lightly seasoned fresh ground beef, char-grilled to your liking, topped with mushrooms, and double Swiss

Logging Camp Grilled Burger

Lightly seasoned fresh ground beef, char-grilled to your liking


All sandwiches served with our signature
salt and pepper Michigan potato chips and a pickle spear

The Bunkhouse Reuben

Shaved corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, and thousand island dressing on swirl rye bread

Pulled Pork Sandwich

Made from shredded slow roasted bone-in pork butt, barbeque sauce, American cheese and fried onion rings served on a bakery fresh bun

Chicken Club

Grilled chicken breast topped with bacon, American cheese, mayo and aioli served on a bakery fresh bun

Alaskan Fish Sandwich

Fried Alaskan cod served on a toasted bakery bun with tartar sauce, lettuce, and tomato

Turkey Sandwich

Shaved Michigan turkey, lettuce, tomato, red onion, Provolone cheese and mayo served on homemade bread

Grilled Pot Roast Sandwich

Grilled homemade bread stuffed with slow roasted pot roast, sautéed onions and mushrooms, provolone cheese, and garlic aioli.

Classic Hot Beef Sandwich

Bakery fresh bread stuffed with slow-roasted pot roast and served with garlic mashed potatoes, topped with beef gravy

Upgrade to skin-on French fries and house coleslaw for $1.99


Entrées come with our homemade bread and choice of two sides

Cast Iron Beef Pot Roast (HS)

Full - $15
  • Half - $12
Slow-roasted with carrots, celery, and onions for 12 hours until tender

Jack Attack Mac & Cheese

Topped with shredded cheddar cheese, barbeque sauce, scallions, and your choice of crispy fried chicken or pulled pork

Old Irishman Fish and Chips (HS)

Full - $17
  • Half - $13
Hand-cut Alaskan cod dipped in signature beer batter and fried until golden brown

Roasted Half Chicken

Marinated with citrus and herbs

Lumber Jacked Ribs

Full - $23
  • Half - $13
Slow-roasted then char-grilled with sweet and tangy barbeque sauce

Widow Maker Ribeye

12 ounce choice ribeye seasoned with sea salt, coarse garlic, and black pepper. Char-grilled to your liking

Fresh Vegetables • Coleslaw • Rice Pilaf • Baked Potato • Kettle Chips • Mashed Potatoes and Gravy

French Fries • Soup of the Day • Tossed Salad

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Monday: 7 a.m. - 9 p.m.

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Sunday: 7 a.m. - 8 p.m.

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